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Pets Are Not The Best Surprise Gifts For Christmas

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Pets Are Not The Best Surprise Gifts For Christmas

Pets make for nice Christmas gifts, but they are not good surprises.

That is according to Cookeville-Putnam County Animal Shelter Director Jennifer Hutchinson-Tracy. Hutchinson-Tracy said the owner should always be a part of the selection process.

“When adopting for a child, there has to be a lot of thought,” Hutchinson-Tracy said. “You can only expect the child to take so much responsibility. They may be all enthusiastic, but if you’re adopting for a child you are really adopting for yourself. If you decide to treat yourself with a pet for the holidays, it should be a family decision.”

Hutchinson-Tracey said she recommends buying gift certificates that have already paid adoption fees. Hutchinson-Tracey said that way you can still give a pet for Christmas, but let everyone be involved.

“When I started doing this 18 years ago, I personally saw a trend when we would get a rush of adoptions before the holidays and right after New Year’s they would coming bouncing back,” Hutchinson-Tracey said. “I haven’t noticed that as much in recent years, so I do think people are being more careful and involving the recipient more.”

Hutchinson-Tracy said the holidays are also a hard time for pets to transition to a new home since schedules are usually busy.

“It’s not the greatest time to introduce a family member particularly one that has been in a rescue environment,” Hutchinson-Tracey said. “It might be best to wait for things to settle down for a little bit.”


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