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Winterizing Your Home To Prevent Pipe Damage

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Winterizing Your Home To Prevent Pipe Damage

With below-freezing temperatures in the forecast for later this week, local plumbers are advising homeowners to winterize their foundations.

Putnam Plumbing Owner Garry Brown even new homes require winterization. He said forgoing certain precautions could result in an expensive problem.

“If they’re gone and out visiting the family they could quite well come home to a complete disaster,” Brown said. “Running water left unattended can absolutely destroy a home.”

Brown said for starters, water hoses should be removed from outdoor faucets and areas of the home checked for drafts. He said on the coldest nights, a pencil-sized drip of water from faucets can help prevent over-freezing.

Brown said he suggests opening cabinet doors to allow the air to circulate in every aspect of the house. He said even if gone for the holidays, home temperatures should not drop below 55 degrees.

“We anticipate being very busy,” Brown said. “If someone’s pipes freeze and they’re without water and they don’t have water spraying everywhere, Monday when we get back up above freezing is going to be the day we’re extremely busy. People usually don’t tend to call us until they have water spraying everywhere.”


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