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JUCD Working To Restore Water To Jackson County Residents

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
JUCD Working To Restore Water To Jackson County Residents

Some 1,000 Jackson County residents have been without water since Monday.

Mayor Randy Heady said the county purchases water from Red Boiling Springs to distribute to Jackson County Utility District customers. He said failures late Sunday contributed to the issues.

“The problem now is that the reserves are out and what do we mean by reserves? We mean the water in the tanks,” Heady said. “When you get your reserve depleted then it’s really hard to keep up with demand and to build that up. Especially right now, when you have some people who maybe have busted pipes and don’t know it.”

The most affected areas in the county are Fairground, Wartrace, Gladdice, and Goosehorn. Heady said at this point in time, they are unsure of when the problem will be fully resolved.

Heady said in the meantime, they ask residents to keep their water fully off until reserves can build up more. He said crews in Red Boiling Springs and at the Jackson County Utility District are working to get the water back up and running as swiftly as possible.

“What we need people to do is leave their water off and try to let the lines fill up so we can know where the leaks are at and that’s critical right now,” Heady said. “And that’s hard to say, if you’ve not had water in three days, to not use water if you don’t have to. Some areas of the county that have been out are starting to get a stream but that’s not going to help us until we get the lines full and get them pressurized.”


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