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Jackson Co. Making Progress On Water Outages

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Co. Making Progress On Water Outages

Good news in Jackson County as water is slowly being restored after portions of the county have been without running water since Sunday night.

County Mayor Randy Heady said that about 400 individuals or less are still awaiting water compared to Wednesday’s 1,000. He said the areas still mostly affected include the Bagdad area in the county.

“The Jackson County Utility District was working really hard this morning,” Heady said. “And even as we speak [at 1 p.m.]valving off certain areas to allow for those areas to fill up with water and build up pressure.”

Heady said [as of 1 p.m.]they are hopeful water will be fully restored by the end of the day Thursday. He said the situation continues to improve by the hour thanks to the efforts of Red Boiling Springs and the Jackson County Utility District.

Heady said one of the nice things to come out of this ordeal is seeing the community come together to support one another. He said it has been a group effort to ensure every person is taken care of and has their needs met.

“We’ve had people that live in the community come and get not just a case or two of water for themselves but get multiple cases and then take to the individuals they knew couldn’t get out and make sure they have water during this time,” Heady said. “So it’s been really good to see everybody work together to try and get through this time that we’ve had.”

Heady said Thursday is likely the final day the county will be giving out water as the issue is expected to be over by the evening.


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