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Sleep, Preparation And Family Time Refocuses Your Child For School

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Sleep, Preparation And Family Time Refocuses Your Child For School

With your child returning from holiday break this week, parents can take action to ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom.

Crossville Counseling Center, P.C. Owner Dr. Denise Weaver said a consistent sleeping schedule is the best way to prepare your child.

“If you’re not sleeping well, your body is not regenerating itself and preparing itself for the next day,” Weaver said. “So if you’re having trouble falling asleep, that is definitely going to affect your ability to concentrate throughout the day to stay awake and retain information.”

Weaver said parents can go a step further by matching the sleep pattern with other actions such as laying out clothes or packing backpacks the night before. Weaver said this causes less stress for children knowing what to expect the morning before school.

“Having everything in place and ready to go that next day just makes the day go so much easier,” Weaver said. “If lunch needs to be made, maybe that can be prepped the night before. I always also write a quick little note to encourage the child. Anything you can do to have that routine makes a difference.”

As for the mental side, Weaver said students can experience self-worth issues when returning to school. Weaver said parents should be aware that children often compare their Christmas presents to others.

“Not everybody celebrates the same way and some kids are blessed with the best of the best,” Weaver said. “That can affect kids who come from homes that maybe don’t get a lot for Christmas. So be aware those first few days of school kids may feel less than and come home sad.”

At the end of the day, Weaver said families should converse about the school day. Weaver said family time is critical in a child’s development, so set goals beyond academics together.


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