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Clay Having To Push Back Bids For Jail Project

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Clay Having To Push Back Bids For Jail Project

Clay County once again having to push back bidding out its new jail project.

County Mayor Dale Reagan said plans continue to face delays while awaiting approval from the USDA. Reagan said they had originally hoped to bid out the project this month.

“It’s frustrating it is,” Reagan said. “But hopefully it’s a blessing in one sense because they’re telling me that construction is starting to turn a little bit, costs are starting to come down just a little bit. So that may be a good thing for us.”

The county had originally budgeted about $7.5 million for the projects. Reagan said to date, the wheel tax that was initiated in 2020 has generated more than $615,000 to help with the project’s debt service and operational costs.

Reagan said they are now hopeful for a February bid date, but now it could be even later.

“It’s the USDA, you know it’s left up to them now to approve it,” Reagan said. “I thought we had it approved but evidently they saw something they wanted more information on. And since it’s taken so long, you know our interest rate was originally locked in at 3.5 percent, but now I think they want another cost study done.”

Reagan said they are hoping and praying that once approved it will still come in under budget. Reagan said this is a project they are excited to be so close to starting, as it has been wanted and needed by both commissioners and citizens for years.


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