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Livingston PD In Closing Phase Of Cataloging Evidence Room

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston PD In Closing Phase Of Cataloging Evidence Room

Livingston Police Department in the closing stage of the cataloging process for its evidence room inventory.

Chief Ray Smith said all orders and processes have been signed off on by the state. He said two officers appointed to the job have been through the inventory he estimates was last adjudicated some 20 years ago.

“I know all administration before me and before others would have liked to get to that and things take place and it gets put on the back burner,” Smith said. “But I know it’s been realized that things needed to take place and get taken care of so that’s what we did. We put it on the forefront and have worked solidly on it for several months.”

Smith said the cataloging process involved a three-check process. He said that includes classifying what can be put in the evidence room, when it was put in there, and why.

Smith said to prevent a situation like this from happening again in the future, they implemented new policies and new officer training on the subject. He said the goal is to rebuild the trust of the people and rebuild the credibility of the evidence in legal cases.

“I want the community to know we are here for them,” Smith said. “We’re here to stand for them in times of need, and we’re also here for them in times of sorrow. Somebody that they can trust to call. Integrity. We want to make sure that every time we go out and do our jobs it is with integrity.”

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