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Cookeville Residents Voice Distress Over Drag Shows

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville Residents Voice Distress Over Drag Shows

A Sunday drag brunch on Cookeville’s West End filled the council chamber Thursday.

Local pastors and residents complained about what they consider the adult nature of the show, its proximity to places where families can gather, and the interpreted inappropriateness of the show.

Cookeville First Baptist Pastor Scott McKinney said he, along with other local and like-minded pastors, is concerned about the content of the show.

“We are asking you to hold the groups who support these activities and the businesses that facilitate these activities liable,” McKinney said.

Monterey Pastor Merle Miller echoed similar sentiments.

“A line should have been drawn a long time ago in this nation,” Miller said.  “And now there seems to be no line at all when it comes to decency. This is happening on your watch and on my watch. This agenda is out to defile your grandkids. And my grandkids.”

Cookeville Mayor Laurin Wheaton said they are aware of concerns. While state code § 7-51-1407 prohibits adult-oriented establishments within a certain proximity to a child care facility, a private, public, or charter school, a public park, family recreation center, a residence, or a place of worship, that code does not prohibit the type of event occurring on Sunday and cannot be used by the city to enforce.

“First of all we want to thank everyone for coming out tonight because it’s always encouraging to see the community come together and show interest in local government so we thank you for that,” Wheaton said. “We’ve heard everyone, and we are taking a look at our ordinance, the state’s ordinance, and seeing what we need to do to reflect what the state says. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve listened, we heard you and we’re working on it.”

City Attorney Dan Rader said he is basing his interpretation off of information from the district attorney general and the county attorney, as well as his own research and knowledge after 48 years of practicing law.

He said they are working to make sure the ordinance the city comes up with is in compliance and is enforceable.

The drag brunch planned will feature celebrity impressions from local drag artists and raise money for Upper Cumberland Pride, according to the event page description.


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