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Jackson Co. Mayor’s Office Gets Clean Audit

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Co. Mayor’s Office Gets Clean Audit

Jackson County Mayor’s Office receives a clean audit for the first time in almost 20 years.

Mayor Randy Heady said the office managed to clear up its two findings from last year that stemmed from purchasing and payroll procedures.

“Getting a clean audit is really hard, especially a general law office in county mayor which is what I am, it’s hard to get a clean audit,” Heady said. “We’ve tried really hard to work together with everybody and they’ve bought in.”

Heady said the Highway Department and the School System also received clean audits. According to the state comptroller’s office, the only Jackson County findings were two in the Sheriff’s Department.

These included bank statements not being properly reconciled and the office not reviewing a list of voided transactions or reprinted checks. Heady said he attributed those findings to personnel changes, and that the issues are already being addressed and fixed by the Sheriff’s Department.

“You know how it is when someone leaves sometimes it takes a while to get things in place,” Heady said. “And I believe that finding came from  personnel change and just taking time for the new people to get acclimated and adjusted to the job (…) I’m thrilled we were down to just one office, and of course, the goal was hopefully nobody had a finding but it’s really hard to accomplish a county-wide no finding, especially for a general law county. We’re real pleased and I know everybody is working hard in every department to keep clean audits.”

Heady said it has been a long time since the county has been in the position it is today, and they are excited for the future.


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