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Livingston Airport Working To Relocate Fuel Farm

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Airport Working To Relocate Fuel Farm

Livingston Municipal Airport working to relocate its fuel farm to better serve pilots using the facility.

Airport Committee Chair Jason Duke said because the airport is beginning to service more regional-size jet aircraft, they need more space for planes to fuel up. He said relocating the fuel farm itself will help the airport in quite a few ways, including making the fueling process more convenient.

“Our fueling area is designed primarily for prop and turboprop aircraft that are somewhat smaller,” Duke said. “So a jet aircraft for example a larger turning radius so a lot of jet aircraft do not purchase fuel at Livingston because it’s difficult for them to access the fuel farm area.”

Duke said hopefully by making it easier for more types of aircraft to fuel, it can bring in more revenue to the airport itself. He said the goal is to get the airport to run as self-sufficiently as possible, and increased revenue will facilitate that.

Duke said projects of this nature will require both federal and state funding. He said in order to receive those dollars, they have to bid the project out and get an engineer review.

“Of course, tanks have to have environmental considerations for where they’re at and where they’re proposed to move,” Duke said. “So right now in the process, we’ve proposed the project to the state, and we’ll receive 90 percent of the relocation funds from the federal funds, we’ll get five percent of the funds from the state, and the remaining five percent will be split between the city and the county. So right now, the environmental study is about to begin.”


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