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DeKalb Sheriff’s Dept. Continuing Search For Missing Woman

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
DeKalb Sheriff’s Dept. Continuing Search For Missing Woman

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department will discuss the next moves in the search for missing 32-year-old Brittany Miller.

Miller has been missing since July 2022. Sheriff Patrick Ray said the widespread controlled search Saturday across some 187 acres near her Hurricane Ridge home yielded no results.

“We will sit down today and regroup and see where we need to go next,” Ray said. “We just wanted to get that one out of the way where we had done everything we needed to do there.”

Ray said Miller is still registered as a missing person. He said they are working to determine if Miller voluntarily left and has had no contact or if there is foul play.

Ray said they continue to ask the public for any additional information. He said the sooner the information is made available to investigators, the sooner they will be able to find Miller.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department Press Release:

“[Saturday] we had 146 people searching and nine K-9 dogs. The group was divided into 13 search teams and 9 K-9 teams. We also had cave and cliff rescue teams who looked into caves and sinkholes. All the teams searched 187 acres of land. The terrain was rough land with sinkholes, bluffs, and a small area of flat land.

Throughout the day, search teams called into the Command Center bones and other items which might be of interest. Detectives went to the marked locations and evaluated the items. If bones were found, the Detectives contacted an anthropologist from Middle Tennessee State University to determine if the bones we animal or human. All bones found were animal bones.

Although no human remains were found [Saturday], we will continue to search this area and more parcels in DeKalb County and possible in other counties. Our investigation is not over until we find Brittany.”


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