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Monterey Could Consider Additional AEDs For City-Owned Buildings

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Monterey Could Consider Additional AEDs For City-Owned Buildings

Monterey Aldermen could consider additional AEDs for city-owned buildings.

Alderman Bill Wiggins recently reported a medical incident to the Monterey Board of Aldermen. The incident occurred at the Monterey-owned Cate Bill building.

“I just feel like there’s a need to have one over at the clinic and the dentist’s office the same location there,” Wiggins said. “And the food bank gets tons of traffic also. But I just think we have an obligation to make sure that any medical facility under our name has that kind of emergency equipment.”

Wiggins said other entities such as the Live-Well Clinic, the Putnam County Ambulance Service, and the Police Department all have AEDs.  He said he had explored costs and possible funding.

“We may have to buy one for Cate Gill because there’s some conditions on those folks who provide those,” Wiggins said. “And I’m not sure the Kate Gill Building will qualify. So we may have to come up with some money to buy one. Fifteen hundred dollars. But we’ll proceed.”

The Mended Hearts organization provides AEDs and maintenance, Wiggins said. In the past, the organization provided defibrillators to the Monterey police department. Wiggins said the Monterey Food Bank at Cate Gill was a non-profit and there were possible avenues to approach Mended Hearts for assistance.

“The Food Bank is strictly volunteer,” Wiggins said. “I guess our argument would be that this is a city-owned building and we just want one of those things on the wall there in the lobby.”

Wiggins previously made a motion to install an automated external defibrillator at Cate Gill. There was a lot of interest but the board did not second the motion. Wiggins said he will continue to bring this issue to the Board’s attention.


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