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Monterey Approves Deal For Calfkiller Water

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Approves Deal For Calfkiller Water

The Town of Monterey has accepted an agreement with Putnam County to provide water services to Calfkiller Highway.

Alderman Alex Garcia requested a verbal summary of the agreement from engineering consultant Nathaniel Green during Monday night’s meeting. Green spoke about changes approved by the Water and Sewer Committee from the previous agreement. Then Green said it would be difficult to get Putnam County to agree to paying for any users under the minimum number of taps.

“I really wish you would take number four out or at least reduce it some from the 40,” Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said. “Get it down maybe to 25 or something and work with us so we can move this project along.”

Porter said the county was putting about a half million in a separate fund for Monterey City to use towards depreciation on the water project, another half million in water line improvements down Highway 70 that would allow Monterey to expand their service, and over $600,000 out of Putnam’s ARP funds to help Monterey with their sewer project.

Alderman Amy Martin said she thought Alderman Jim Whitaker should take the agreement with the revision back to the Water and Sewer Committee for approval.

“I think it’s time to cut bait or fish. And I think we should fish,” Alderman Bill Wiggins said.

Porter said that the county had already put the water system plans out for quotations and they had already accepted the bid from Nathaniel Green.

“If ya’ll pass this tonight I can take it to the commission on the 17th,” Porter said. “We’re ready to start working on the project. The goal of this is to get ahead of all the other water projects across the state.”

THe Aldermen approved the agreement unanimously. Porter will bring the agreement before the Putnam County Commission on April 17 for approval.


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