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TWRA Reminds Of Kayaking Safety Protocols

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
TWRA Reminds Of Kayaking Safety Protocols

The recent death of a kayaker on Dale Hollow Lake serves as a reminder to utilize safe practices while using the watercraft.

TWRA Boating Officer Dustin Buttram said that kayaks are one of the leading causes of waterway fatalities in our area. He said they are generally related to not having a life jacket and bad weather.

“These kayakers get overturned when the wind’s really high,” Buttram said. “This past weekend we had some 40mph wind gusts and that creates rough water to e. So watch the weather. And like any other water craft, always have a floatation device.”

Buttram said it is important to learn some basics of kayaking before getting on the water. He said that includes learning to flip back over if your kayak is overturned.

“And depending on where they’re at, below some of the reservoirs these waterways are generated through he dam which also creates turbulent waters,” Buttram said. “So we see a lot of people overturning and falling out of their boats in these areas as well.”

Finally, Buttram said it is a good idea to have others know of your floatation plan before heading out onto the waters. He said someone being aware of your trips can help with communication should something go wrong.


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