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White Co. HS Quarterback Club Pursuing New Video Board

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White Co. HS Quarterback Club Pursuing New Video Board

White County High School Quarterback Club pursuing a new video board for the football stadium.

The White County School Board approved the club to start raising funds for the board through advertisement sales Thursday night. Volunteer Coach and Athlete Parent Jacob Sparkman said the board would be similar to the one recently installed in the gym for the basketball team.

“This idea had come out of some discussion about three or four months ago about just enhancing the fan experience and the children’s experiences being players,” Sparkman said. “So we started tossing around ideas and the media board came up because several surrounding county fields have got some sort of media board.”

Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger said the club had two purchase options including a smaller board for some $148,000 to a larger one at $198,000. He said any cost incurred for the board would go to the Quarterback Club, not the school board.

Sparkman said the club had a May 1st deadline to start the process so the board would be up in time for the fall football season. He said they already have around 14 local businesses interested in financing the board through advertisements.

“It opens up the opportunity for us to be able to do things down the road that we would like to see improvements made with the football facility,” Sparkman said. “The field house would be a project down the road maybe three years that we would like to come back to the board and say we’ve got the funds so we can renovate the field house because it needs some attention. The video board is a means for us to start that process.”

School Board Member Dewayne Howard said he wanted to ensure that all of the advertising sold would have appropriate content. Sparkman said that all potential advertisers would go through approval from the athletic director and would not contain anything deemed inappropriate for school such as advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.


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