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Jamestown’s Annual Hope Foundation Streetfest Returns Friday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jamestown’s Annual Hope Foundation Streetfest Returns Friday

Jamestown’s annual Hope Foundation Streetfest features food, music and fun.

Board member Kim Davidson said back in 2014 resident members of what became the Fentress Hope Foundation came together to help community members whose needs were not being communicated.  Davidson said although there are many aid agencies, people with unmet needs still slip through the cracks.

“There are a lot of different ways that you can get help. But a big part of it, we have targeted people that don’t typically ask for help. They’re the people that are silently struggling that are going through these hard times to just figure out a way to make it.”

Davidson said they have raised over one million dollars since they began in 2014. She said all the money goes back into the community.

Davidson says although the street festival is not typically a big fundraiser, it is the foundation’s annual gift to the community. She said every year they feature the Southern Comfort band, along with food and vendors to highlight the Hope Foundation and celebrate Fentress County.

Davidson said they celebrate the ability to do God’s work and be the boots on the ground. She said a lot of what the foundations does relies on word of mouth.

“Somebody in the community sees someone going through this hard time,” Davidson said.  “They’ll come to the Hope Foundation and say, hey, you know, they just need a little bit of outreach, you know, just a little boost to get through.”

Davidson said that because Hope Foundation is grounded in Fentress, they see what’s going on.

“So it’s just been able to stay in touch with everything,” Davidson said. “Now there’s a lot of churches that support the Hope Foundation and there’s the individuals. Just people with amazing hearts that want to give.”

The Streetfest will take place on Friday at 5:15 pm.


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