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Gainesboro Aldermen Discuss Potential Tax Rate Changes

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gainesboro Aldermen Discuss Potential Tax Rate Changes

The Town of Gainesboro could see a tax increase in the coming fiscal year.

Alderwoman Nancy Pruett proposed the idea at the Board of Aldermen meeting Thursday night. Pruett said she proposes an increased tax rate of 0.6, which could bring an additional $39,000 to the city’s budget annually.

“What are we going to do with that $39,000? We’re just going to survive,” “We’re not going to be able to pave roads with it. It is just basically a cost of living for us to be able to pay if we need the increased pay for our employees.”

Pruett said the town’s current tax rate is 0.3935, one of the lowest rates compared to cities of similar size in the state. According to the State Comptroller’s Office, the town of Celina’s certified tax rate is .7018. The town of Baxter’s tax rate is 1.08. 

Alderman Ricky Head said this is something that has been needed for some time.

“Nobody wants to raise taxes,” Head said. “(…) But that’s what’s happened to Gainsboro. They wanted it to stay the same for years, and now we’re in the shape we’re in. That’s why we’re in the shape we’re in.”

Mayor Lloyd Williams said this is definitely something to think about when it is something needed for the budget but could negatively affect the large senior population on fixed incomes.

“I know what a lot of people get on their social security, and we’re highly populated with seniors,” Williams said. “And that $44 won’t bother some of us a bit, but for some people that’s quite a bit (…) That’s a hard thing to do. I know there’s times where it has to be done, but it’s something to think about.”


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