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TWRA: Black Bear Sightings Common In The UC This Time Of Year

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
TWRA: Black Bear Sightings Common In The UC This Time Of Year

Late spring and early summer you are more likely to see black bears in the Upper Cumberland.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Association, that has more to do with human behavior than bear behavior. Communications and Outreach Coordinator Mime Barnes said we are outside and see more wildlife.  Barnes said another factor is bears who have left their mothers.

“These young bears first moving out on their own, they’re not aware of where town is,” Barnes said. “Sometimes they just follow their nose. So when we do see them around town or in our yards it tends to be because we’re attracting them with something.”

Barnes said the bears are out looking for food, water, and shelter. She said they are basically just looking for their place on the landscape.

That search, Barnes said, can lead to your home.

“A simple birdfeeder, or maybe a bird bath which can be a source of water for them. Trash can be an issue. We encourage people to put trash out on the day of pickup. We encourage you to keep your grill clean or store it in a garage or other area where a bear can’t reach it.

“As humans we want that photograph for social media.” Barnes said. “But we really encourage people to never follow or approach a bear.”

Barnes said bears can perceive humans as a threat. She said bears can run short distances at 30 miles per hour.

“So we tell people if you’re out hiking make sure you stay together as a group,” Barnes said. “Make noise. And if you hike with a dog, keep that dog leashed.”

Barnes said if you are hiking you can also carry bear spray. She said you should make sure you know how to use it before you need to use it.”

“Just read those instructions before you head out,” Barnes said. “And keep that spray on you, keep it close.”

Barnes said has great information on living responsibly with black bears.


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