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39 Percent Of Overton 3rd Graders Deemed ELA Proficient Based On TCAP

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39 Percent Of Overton 3rd Graders Deemed ELA Proficient Based On TCAP

Just 39 percent of Overton 3rd graders were deemed proficient in English Language Arts via recent preliminary TCAP scores released Monday

Secondary Supervisor and District Testing Coordinator Kim Dillon said scores increased by about five percent last year. She said with the 3rd-grade retention law in place, the system has already retested those who fell below the threshold and are awaiting new official results.

“So we’re not actually having to wait that 48-hour window because we’re already seeing movement,” Dillon said. “Now to get their actual, actual score it’s going to be 48 hours but we can already see movement based on colors of where they fall. So if they were below, some of them have moved on to approaching. So that changes their path.”

Dillon said the path for students’ next steps is based on where they land on the proficiency scale. She said if a student is below the threshold, they will need to both attend summer learning programs and receive tutoring in school during 4th grade. She said if a student is approaching the threshold, they can choose. Dillon said an option to appeal test scores will open on May 30th. She said there are several students in Overton Schools who will be eligible to appeal.

Dillon said parents and teachers alike are concerned when it comes to what these results mean for 3rd retention. She said they have pushed back summer learning programs in hopes of giving an extra week for the turnaround between the end of school and the start of summer school.

“So what we’re trying to do is figure out what path each student is, fill out a contract letting that child and their parent know this is where your child fell as far as where they scored, are they exempt, are they not exempt, what are the next steps? And then that goes home to the parent,” Dillon said. “And we’re trying to get that done before the last day of school which is tomorrow. So we really wanted to be able to have that communication so that way parents have a little extra time before summer learning starts on June 5th.”

Dillon said she wants parents to know that is not up to the districts to make these decisions. She said it is not a goal to retain students and they just want to do what is right for every student.

“I still don’t like it, I’m still not for it, I feel like if the state department or any legislature is saying students can’t read in 3rd grade I don’t feel like retaining them in 3rd grade is going to get them those reading skills that maybe they were lacking in kindergarten and first grade such as phonics,” Dillon said. “Because when you’re teaching third grade you’re teaching the standards that align to third grade. So keeping them in another year of third grade it may not be the answer. And retention is not the answer for every child.”


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