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Planning Commission Votes Down Cookeville 10th Street Development

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Planning Commission Votes Down Cookeville 10th Street Development

The Cookeville Planning Commission voted 6-2 Monday night against a proposed 10th Street development.

Community Development Director Jon Ward said the proposed subdivision would include 45 lots located at 1327 East 10th Street. Members of the community spoke out against the proposed devolvement, sighting concerns over infrastructure, and flooding, but the most common concern among members of the community was traffic.

Cookeville citizen Herbert Williams said that the traffic study done before the proposal does not truly represent the amount of traffic that the development would create.

“The traffic study don’t take into account all the friends that visit, all the cousins or the family members that visit, it’s going to be a lot more traffic then what that study shows,” Williams said. “I’m all in for growth, but I’m in for smart growth. We really need to work on our infrastructure before we build on it and then go back and look at, oops, we should of done that.”

Planning Commission Member Bob Faulhaber said he believes traffic problem will not be as big of an issue because of the nature of the proposed development.

“In terms of traffic, I believe that based on the demographic and the size of the houses, there would be no more traffic than you would see if you had 26 large single family homes on the property,” Faulhaber said.

Commission Chair Jim Woodford said he believes the proposed development is not in line with the city’s plan. He said the Cookeville 2030 plan depicts the property as best suited for lower density residential.

“In my opinion, 45 units on 5.88 acres is not low density, which the 2023 plan calls for in this area,” Woodford said. “In fact the proposed development would create an island of high density development surrounded by low density family residents.”

Ward said the developer can appeal the decision if they chose to do so. He said if they do, that appeal would also go to the City Council.


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