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Provost Bruce: Tennessee Tech Students Career-Driven

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Provost Bruce: Tennessee Tech Students Career-Driven

Tennessee Tech students tend to be more career-focused during their education.

That’s according to Provost Lori Bruce. She said students are serious about their studies but want to know what kind of career their degrees will get them.

“Year over year we see that some of our top choices are mechanical engineer, computer science, exercise science because a lot of people want to go into physical therapy type programs or sports management,” Bruce said. “Biology, we have a lot of pre-med, pre-professional students in biology.”

Bruce said other big options among students are in the elementary education and agriculture fields. She said more often than not, students know what career they would like and the university helps match them with a program for that path.

Bruce said because people connect Tennessee Tech to engineering, there are other fields of studies in the humanities that are less popular. She said sometimes that can leave people wondering if Tech has a degree suited for them.

“We have 200 fields of study to choose from, so we think we have a degree program for everyone,” Bruce said. “So some of the programs like maybe English, Communications, History, we definitely have a potential for more students there because it’s not as much in our brand, people don’t think of Tennessee Tech and those types of programs.”

Bruce said she likes to remind people that what differentiates Tennessee Tech is that they try to infuse technology and STEM with humanities programs. She said that way, you can get the best of both worlds.


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