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The Program Titled Operation Minus 21

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
The Program Titled Operation Minus 21

The White County Sheriff’s Department issued 2o citations to tobacco and convenience stores for selling tobacco, alcohol and vapes to minors.

Sheriff Steve Page said the establishments did not ask for identification when selling the age restricted items. Page added that at least one location sold tobacco then asked the minor to come back later with his friends for the good stuff.

Page said tobacco, vape products, and beer are age restricted for the purchase of individuals ages 21 and above.

“If somebody like me is not watching, then they’re liable to sell them anything,” Page said. “From now on I want these stores to understand in this county that we are watching. And if you’re not checking IDs, then we’ll be showing up at your house like we are today.”

Page said parents give their hard earned money to their kids to buy gas and other items. He said it just isn’t right for stores to allow or encourage these illegal purchases.

He said these laws are in place for a reason and kids will be kids and sometimes they might try to buy cigarettes.

“If these stores are going to sell to them, then it’s my job to hold them accountable for that,” Page said.

Page said he was hopeful that the new Delta 8 Law would make a difference by making it a class A misdemeanor to sell cannibinoid products to minors but like the laws that were broken at these 12 locations someone has to enforce those laws.

“Because they are not abiding by the laws,” Page said. “They are just selling to anyone that walks in there.

Page said he had reported the violations to the ABC Commission and they are getting involved. He said both state and federal regulators were involved at this point.

“I’m doing my very best to protect our children,” Page said. “And I’m going to continue to fight that right as long as I’m the Sheriff.”





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