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Delta 8 Law Will Help Protect Minors From Gateway Drug

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Delta 8 Law Will Help Protect Minors From Gateway Drug

Delta 8 Legislation restricting manufacturing and sales of cannabinoid products takes effect July 1 throughout Tennessee.

Currently children can legally purchase gummies and other edibles containing intoxicants.

Overton Sheriff John Garrett said the 2021 legalization of these products has been an issue in all counties. Garrett said law enforcement had confiscated the products from children in schools.

“So for those that believe it’s safe, it’s healthy, especially this stuff that’s being made in labs, I really don’t think it is,” Garrett said. “And I truly believe that it’s the ultimate gateway drug that starts a lot of people down the path of addiction.”

Garrett said the new law will require sellers to check proof of age and the state will require licensing for distributors and sellers. He said that means someone can not just set up a stand or exchange uncontrolled product where ever they please.

Tennessee children have increasingly gained access to hemp smoke and cannabinoid vapes due to widespread availability.

Garret said restrictions include banning animal and cartoon shapes for gummies and other edibles.

“The new law gives us more arrows in the quiver or more tools in toolbox for enforcement,” Garrett said.

Garrett said the department implements new laws by reviewing legislative updates with the officers. He said they deliver the material in an easily understood format so that the officers can enforce the law properly. He said his department will likely review the Delta 8 Legislation during inservice dates in June.

Garret said he wanted to make one thing clear on cannabinoids.

“As long as I have been in law enforcement, the majority of people I have talked to with an addiction started out with cannabis,” Garrett said. “That was the first illegal drug that they ever took.”


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