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Smithville Church Of Christ Doing Volunteer Work This Week

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Smithville Church Of Christ Doing Volunteer Work This Week

The Smithville Church of Christ’s congregation is volunteering this week as part of the church’s annual Work Camp.

Church member Casey Midgett said the church has been doing the camps for over ten years. He said the camps started with church mission trips.

“We went and did some work in Mexico as a group to help build churches and help some folks down there that needed some help with like their housing and things like that, and that was a great work,” Midgett said. “And we got together one day and thought well you know there’s a lot of needy folks around in our area, why don’t we try to do something for those folks as well.

Midgett said the volunteers do yard work and carpentry for people who can not afford it, or who are unable to do it. He said when they first started, there were members of the church who were contractors and knew how to build handicap ramps, and over the years that has become the work they focus on the most.

“We end up building six or seven handicap ramps for folks each year,” Midgett said. “We will split off into crews and we will have the contractors take a crew with them, and we’ll go out and build a handicap ramp while another crew goes out and does the yard work.”

Midgett said the work is important for the church because it is a way for its members to show love to the people of the community. He said people of all different talent levels get involved to do whatever help they can

“It’s the way we show Jesus, through our work,” Midgett said. “Jesus went about helping people and that’s what we try to do as well. We do it with what little talent we have, we try to share that.”

Midgett said people can get involved by calling the Smithville Church of Christ, or by contacting them on their Facebook page.


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