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Overnight Cyber Security Attack A Sign Of The Times

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Overnight Cyber Security Attack A Sign Of The Times

An overnight cyber attack against several federal departments and state agencies is an example of the new modern warfare.
That is according to the Tennessee Tech Cyber Security Research Center’s Eric Brown.

The attack targeted many government agencies that use MOVEit, a software used to encrypt and transfer data.
Brown said that even though governments and large companies are being targeted in attacks, the average citizen should also be concerned with cyber security and prepared for attacks.

“The individual has, while maybe not a charge by law, an ethical obligation to protect their home and their family,” Brown said. “Protect their banking assets, protect other information about their family members.”

Brown said there are many steps individuals can take to help prevent cyber attacks on themselves and their families. He said it is important to keep passwords up to date, to be aware of where in your home you place automation devices, and to use two-factor identification when possible.

Brown said it is also very important to be aware of what you post on social media, and who you receive emails from.
“If it looks bizarre check it out,” Brown said. “If it doesn’t fit that this individual would be asking you to take this action in this email account, don’t do it. Verify what you’re looking at”

Brown said it is also important that local businesses look into cyber security software such as virtual private networks, and avoid doing important work on free public networks at places like hotels and restaurants when working remotely or traveling.

“Those are free networks that may not have a lot of layers of security on them,” Brown said. “Make sure you’re working from an area that’s safe, and that you’re using VPN or some sort of appropriate software for secure protection.”

Brown said in addition to all the preemptive measures individuals and businesses can take, cyber security needs to be approached as a part of overall disaster awareness with dedicated response teams.

“When there is an incident, there have to be local teams that are ready to respond rapidly to that incident, just as I would if a tornado came through and I had to look at restoring power,” Brown said.


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