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Van Buren County Illegal Dumpers Tell Sheriff They Will Not Do It Again

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren County Illegal Dumpers Tell Sheriff They Will Not Do It Again

Van Buren County Sheriff Michael Brock used personally identifiable information in illegally dumped trash to reach out and educate dumpers.

Brock said he made personal contact with the folks and advised them of the posted signage.

“It is illegal to dump and throw their bags over the fence,” Brock said. “During this first meeting we’ve asked for cooperation and consideration from them. And every person advised that they were apologetic and they would not do that anymore.”

Brock said he could not say that there had been no illegal dumping issues at other convenience centers, but he had not been called to other centers to deal with illegal dumping.

Brock said he had been called out the Cummingsville Convenience Center on the north side of Van Buren County three times.

“The first time that I went through the trash one of the county commissioners met me there,” Brock said. “And he and I, along with a couple of county employees, went through all of the trash that was piled up and I’m going to say it was 25-30 bags.”

Brock said he began attempting to contact people about dumping issues on Wednesday.

“I was welcomed by those folks and I think it was well-received and I believe we’re going to have cooperation from our citizens,” Brock said.

Brock said if it ever happens again he would talk directly with the people involved.

“And just talk with them about their concerns and why they think it’s okay to do that,” Brock said. “This is our county, these are out centers and we’ve got to take care of our county.”

Brock said he advises anyone who has issues with the centers or an idea about how to improved things to reach out to the county mayor’s office to find the best solution possible.

“If someone sees a bag already dumped there, sometimes they think it’s okay for them to do it too. But two wrongs don’t make a right.” Brock said. “Even the folks I’ve already talked to understand that those actions can result in a criminal littering charge which would bring them before the General Sessions Judge.”


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