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Canada Wildfires Sending Hazy Skies To Middle Tennessee

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Canada Wildfires Sending Hazy Skies To Middle Tennessee

Wildfires in Canada once again impacting Upper Cumberland weather, with a hazy sky and the smell of smoke.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Krissy Hurley said seeing the haze so far from its source is the result of stagnant weather and wind currents carrying the smoke.

“Think of this pattern, while it may be summer, think of it as when we get those arctic cold fronts and we get that cold air from Canada,” Hurley said. “It’s the same thing essentially as that except there’s no cold weather to be had. Instead, we’re getting those smoky and hazy skies.”

Hurley said there are currently about 400 wildfires affecting Canada. She said they are generating so much smoke and haze, that much of the eastern third of the United States is experiencing hazy skies.

Hurley said while no air quality alert is in effect, that does not mean there is no issue. She said while there is no direct danger, those with respiratory issues should take it easy until the air clears up.

“It’s going to be difficult for those who may have issues as far as asthma, allergies, or are sensitive to those kinds of things that it may not be a great idea to spend long periods of time outdoors,” Hurley said. “The best piece of advice: you look outside, it’s smoky and hazy, it’s probably best to stick indoors. And it’s probably best to stick indoors anyway because of those temperatures we’re going to be having over the next few days.”

Hurley said summer weather conditions could exacerbate these kinds of conditions. She said she expects the next time there is some kind of rain shower, the conditions will clear up.


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