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Monterey Anglers Headed To South Carolina For Nationals In July

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Anglers Headed To South Carolina For Nationals In July

Monterey Anglers Fishing Team members J.W. Holloway and Jeffery Stewart are headed to Nationals later this month.

Coach Tony Waters said the team had been through many days of fishing in all sorts of weather from daylight to three in the evening nine hours a day in order to accrue points and win their place at the nationals.

“It’s great to see how they’ve grown as young men and fishermen, and proud to see them go to the nationals especially in their senior year,” Waters said. “Kind of go out with a bang.”

Waters said he had been boat captain for two years before he became coach this year. He said as boat captain he was in charge of safety and he could offer verbal coaching without touching any the fishing equipment or assisting the team.

He said right now he and the team are preparing by reviewing videos of the fishing and water conditions and doing a lot of research on Lake Hartwell, South Carolina.

“There’s an off-limits period for the lake for us and all the other competitors,” Waters said. “One month prior we’re not allowed on the water.”

Waters said they are doing e-scouting up until the time they are allowed on the lake. He said they study whatever resources they can find online, even the food chain.

“They have blue back herring in that lake, and that’s something we don’t have here,” Waters said. “It’s a primary bait fish. And if you find the bait, you find the fish.”

Waters said the team can use assistance with the cost of the tournament. He said the high school does not fund the team and they will be spending

“We’re going to be there for eight nights, and with eight nights lodging and gas for the boat, gas for the vehicle, oil for the boat, and food and drinks for the team costs really add up,” Waters said.

Waters said you can go to any One Bank location and donate in the name of Monterey Anglers. He said any amount helps.


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