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Operation United Hope Expands To New Location

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Operation United Hope Expands To New Location

Putnam County’s Operation United Hope is expanding with a new larger location.

Founder Winn Koehler said the non-profit that helps veterans had to move to a new building because they were outgrowing the old location. She said the organization has grown a lot in its first year and they need additional space to further expand.

“The benefit of being in our commercial space is that these are all commercial buildings,” Koehler said. “So when we are ready and financially stable enough to expand more, we can just take over another unit.”

Koehler said the organization also had to move because they were so full they had to start turning away donations of larger items that are important for veterans who are moving. She said the organization helps veterans out with things like furniture, dishes, and clothing but also provides therapy and social events.

“I think it’s very beneficial mentally, spiritually, fully for the veterans to get together and socialize and do stuff with other veterans,” Koehler said. “Who maybe share similar experiences, and maybe someone they feel they can open up to a little more.”

Koehler said she hopes as they continue to grow they can start receiving grants to be more financially stable. She said she also wants to expand to help others who also serve the community.

“We do have a goal of adding first responders to our clientele as well,” Koehler said. “We want to open up to where EMS, fire and rescue, police officers, all the folks that are serving in our community, they can also come and utilize our services as well.”

Koehler said the public can visit the Operation United Hope store on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 am to 4 pm. She said information about donations and volunteering can be found in the store or on their website. She said they are always in need of volunteers and there is something for everyone to do if they want to help.


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