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4H Celebrating 100 Years Of Annual Round Up This Week

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
4H Celebrating 100 Years Of Annual Round Up This Week

4H is set to host its annual Roundup in Knoxville this week, marking 100 years since the first roundup occurred.

The event hosted at the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s campus contains a variety of events and competitions. Van Buren 4H agent Paula May said it is a great opportunity for the kids, and the centennial shows its significance.

“It’s pretty awesome that this event has taken place for the last 100 years,” May said. “4H is a very important organization that helps build our youth to become leaders for tomorrow.

May said that she is unsure whether any special centennial events are planned as the schedule is always very full. She said kids are given the opportunity to compete in their project fields, experience college life, run for state offices, and bond with other youths.

 May said project finalists are also invited to bring their projects before all-star judges who decide whether they are worthy of university recognition. She said the invited 4H kids will also be given accommodation by the university and resources for their academic future.

“I just highly encourage any youths that are eligible to go to 4H Roundup, they need to go,” May said. “It is a great event, it is actually probably my favorite 4H event to go to.”

May said the students have the chance to receive college credit for their performances. The main stages of recognition are the honor club, the all-star competitions, then Vol-State recognition–which is the highest level.

Before Roundup starts, May said 4H agents will prepare the kids for Roundup with speech and interview training. May said the organization wants to avoid stressing the kids so they can focus on the experience and relationships.

“They just get to make memories and have those friendships that are everlasting,” May said.


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