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Cordell Hull State Park Salamander Seek Event At Bunkham Cave

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cordell Hull State Park Salamander Seek Event At Bunkham Cave

Cordell Hull State Park invites you to participate in River and Stream Clean Up Month with opportunities to learn about salamanders and the water they live in at Bunkum Cave.

Seasonal Interpreter Recreator Mary Reddy said she would present information on how water quality affects wildlife and specifically the amphibious salamander.

“If we don’t take care of these areas, then it will bring harm to the inhabitants living there like the salamanders,” Reddy said. “So a lot of it’s just bringing awareness and importance of how we need to take care of our water systems so these little guys can have a place to live their lives.”

Reddy said that while the main purpose of the event is to learn about how we can contribute to better water quality, she will be leading a hike to Bunkham Cave with the hope of observing some salamanders.

Reddy said salamanders are seen periodically at the cave entrance.

“And when we get down there I’m going to be using some water quality testing kits,” Reddy said. “We’ll see what results we get. And I’ll have extra kits so other people can try testing the water as well.”

Reddy said that testing will lead into a discussion of how salamanders live in the cave and stream environment. She said there are many salamander species in Tennessee.

“We do have the cave salamander which is pretty notable being pinkish,” Reddy said. “It kind of looks like an Axolotl. There are also hellbenders, mudpuppies, and newts which spend a lot of time on land.”

Reddy said looking for the salamanders will involve looking in the water and on land under logs and rocks.

“You’ll have to put the rocks back because we leave no trace,” Reddy said.

“A water bottle and sturdy shoes are recommended,” Reddy said. “You should be comfortable with some steep stairs.”

The event is free with options for donations on the website. It starts at 9 a.m. from the Bunkham Cave Trailhead and ends around noon including time to hike to and from the cave.



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