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Don’t Forget About Your Pet’s Safety With Soaring Temperatures This Week

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Don’t Forget About Your Pet’s Safety With Soaring Temperatures This Week

Temperatures continue in the 90s this week, and experts say there are a few things to keep in mind to protect your pets from the heat.

Copeland Veterinary Clinic Practice Manager Kristin Gunnels said the most important thing is being conscious of the amount of time they spend outside, but that giving them proper airflow, cool water, and plenty of shade can also make a big difference.

“We would not recommend leaving animals outside in the heat all day long on warm days like this,” Gunnels said. “It definitely provides a risk of heat stroke and of having other issues that can really make it a medical emergency if you’re not careful.”

Gunnels said it’s often quite easy for pet owners to get distracted by a pretty summer day and stay out for too long. She said you should keep an eye on the temperature and your pet’s emotional cues at all times to know when exhaustion begins to set in.

Gunnels said there are also some less obvious mistakes pet owners make quite frequently. She said many heat injuries result from hot asphalt and pavements that burn pets’ feet, doghouses and similar structures trapping heat, and people leaving pets in parked cars–even for just a few moments.

“Little things like that can cause an animal to go into what we would consider heat stroke or a very serious medical emergency pretty quickly,” Gunnels said.

Gunnels said many people don’t know how to react when their pet goes into heat stroke, and they can often do more harm by trying to cool their pet off very quickly. She said to never try to cool your pet off quickly if you think they are experiencing heat stroke but to instead rub their feet and bellies with rubbing alcohol and place them in the shade.

“They’ll douse them with a hose or start putting them in an ice bath and, many many times when we have animals coming into our ER, it’s due to the shock that causes to their system,” Gunnels said.

Gunnels said the best way for pet owners to learn more about protecting their companions would be to contact their local vet clinics or look through the resources from organizations like ASPCA.




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