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Livingston Police Department Active Shooter Training Keeps Response Team Prepared

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Police Department Active Shooter Training Keeps Response Team Prepared

Livingston Police Department works to maintain preparedness by conducting active shooter training at local schools during the summer and winter months, as well as during in-service.

Chief Ray Smith said the training covers any sort of crisis that may occur at the school and prepares all stakeholders for such events. He said the department also gains an understanding of the school layouts,  contacts within the schools, and external emergency response teams.

“In a school you have a lot of folks there and a lot of people there that may not understand what’s going on,” Smith said. “And it’s a very delicate situation. These are the young folks of our community that we’re reaching out and making sure they’re well protected and well took care of.”

Smith said in the world we live in today, it is very important to sit down and have discussions about all the “what-ifs.” He said that helps everyone to be better prepared if and when a threatening situation takes place in the schools.

Smith said the Active Shooter Training includes the local ambulance service, the state Highway Patrol, any other law enforcement agency in adjoining counties that would work with the team, and any support staff that is a part of evacuation. He said anyone who is involved with any portion of the response would need to be in the training to give them an understanding of what has to happen.

“Training brings on muscle memory,” Smith said. “You automatically instead of falling apart in a crisis, you’re body and mind just seems to do what it needs to do.”

Smith said things change over time and everyone needs to stay knowledgeable to take care of whatever crisis situation arises. He said guidelines change based on current events and real life situations.

“We talk to folks that have already had to experience crisis,” Smith said. “And what they bring out of it gives us a lot of information. And we learn, unfortunately from bad situations, what really works.”

Smith said a key to crisis control is focusing on the few necessary steps and the task at hand. He said you can cause confusion trying to overthink or improve upon an effective plan.

“We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel,” Smith said. “We’re just trying to keep it rolling in a direction that brings closure and security and understanding.”

Smith said the Police Department is always there and ready to stand up for the community, just a phone call away. He said if the community has any questions at any time, they should call and he will reach out to respond to those questions.






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