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Upper Cumberland Police Chiefs Say Patience And Focus Keys to School Zone Safety

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Upper Cumberland Police Chiefs Say Patience And Focus Keys to School Zone Safety

Local law enforcement said you can increase safety in school zones by leaving early and being mindful not only of your driving, but other vehicles and pedestrians in school zones.

Sparta Police Chief Nick Dunn said his department is seeing more wrecks due to distracted driving and speeding. Dunn said the department has assigned more officers to school zones to slow people down this year.

“Get up on time,” Dunn said. “Usually when a kid is late they’re going to speed to get to school on time. Then when they’re picking their kids up from school they need to be vigilant. You never know what a kid is gonna do. If they dart out into traffic or come around a car and they’re harder to see than a full grown adult.”

Dunn said give yourself 10 extra minutes. He said if you know you need to be somewhere at a certain time leave early enough to account for traffic, leave early enough to account for an accident on the side of the road that may put you behind.

Dunn said officers are writing tickets for speeding in school zones.

“We’re gonna keep our kids safe,” Dunn said. “And that’s one way to do it.”

Livingston Police Chief Ray Smith said everyone tends to be in a rush in today’s world. He said patience is more important than ever at this time of year. He said we have new students, and parents driving to a school for the first time trying to figure out the lay of the land.

“I know there’s a speed limit there,” Smith said. “And I can give great advice, go even slower. And give yourself enough space between vehicles so that if you have to stop you’re able to without causing an accident.”

Smith said parents should take the time to talk to their children before they get to the school and prepare them to exit the vehicle safely. He said parents should instruct their child how to look for other vehicles.

“And not only the parent be looking, but the child’s looking too,” Smith said. “Because, once again, everyone’s in a hurry up game. Most parent’s are having to drop a child off and still having to get to work. Or they’re having to get to another school. Maybe one child goes to one school and one child goes to another.”

Smith said we need to be careful around buses whether at the school or out in the community. He said when the yellow lights are flashing that means yield, not rush to beat the bus stop sign.

“It’s very easy,” Smith said. “It’s not worth the hurry-up or what could happen. Just stop. Be patient with children getting on the buses and getting off the buses.

Smith said at crossing zones we should be vigilant for instructions from the crossing guard. He said if you are unsure whether you are supposed to go, simply wait. He said the director will signal you again if it is your turn.

“Watch out one for another,” Smith said. “We want to have a good, successful and safe year here in our schools. So let’s protect one another and just watch out.”



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