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DeKalb County Providing Demonstrations Of New Voting Machines

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
DeKalb County Providing Demonstrations Of New Voting Machines

DeKalb County Election Commission promoting hands-on Open House with new voting machines Thursday, August 10 from 2-4 pm.

Administrator of Elections Dennis Stanley said the new machines were required by recently passed legislation mandating that all voting machines have a verifiable paper trail.  Stanley said the machines were paid for by the state and as in the past, Tennessee’s elections remained reliable.

“The machines are a much brighter LED, they are in color,” Stanley said. “And what voters will see with the VB pad is that once they make a selection it will show up on a piece of paper which is under lock and key, but the voters will see who they actually voted for.”

Stanley said the information only appears for the current voter and can not be seen by the next person who enters the booth to make their selections.

Stanley said the paper records from the new machines provide much faster results if anyone challenged an election or a recount was required for any other reason.

“There should be no fear of voting on a voting machine,” Stanley said. “In fact all the machines that are used throughout Tennessee have been approved by the Federal Election Assistance Commission. And Tennessee was voted number one in election integrity by the Heritage Foundation.”

Open house August 10 2-4 pm at the DeKalb County Courthouse. There are a couple of demo machines setup to try it out and see how it works.


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