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Upperman High School Developing Tennis Program

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Upperman High School Developing Tennis Program

Upperman High School in talks with TSSAA about forming a new tennis club this year.

Athletic Director Ross Fanning said the decision to start building the club came after many students and parents requested a tennis club last year. He said the school is always looking for new avenues to get their students involved in extracurriculars because it tends to boost overall school performance and satisfaction.

“It gives our students another opportunity to participate in something that’s not in school, and that’s what we’re trying to build here–we want every student involved,” Fanning said. “No matter what it is, we want them to be involved.”

Fanning said they currently have no restriction on player count because they want to give as many students as possible a chance to participate. Though, he said they have yet to solidify their coaching staff and other specifics regarding practices, games, and league participation.

Fanning said extracurricular organizations like this one are also excellent community-builders, giving students and their families something to connect over. He said that these kinds of connections are great for the school spirit, but also extend outward into life in general.

“Let’s just take an example; a few years ago, when the tornado came through, we had several of our organizations get together and help with that,” Fanning said. “That just brought the community together and they saw our students out there with their whole team out there helping people.”

Fanning said he is just excited to get this new program moving toward completion because it will mean more of the benefits above. He said they are working out the specifics with their administrators and TSSAA, but the club should be ready in the coming year.



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