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Van Buren County Released From Comptroller’s Heightened Oversight

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren County Released From Comptroller’s Heightened Oversight

Van Buren County Commission set to acknowledge Comptroller’s letter Tuesday night releasing the county from heightened financial oversight.

County Mayor David Sullivan said the letter dated July 24 approved the new budget and relieves the county of financial restrictions. Sullivan said the requirement to provide weekly financial statements and to bid out any services over $2,500 had been in place since 2021.

Sullivan said the change in financial status is the result of a lot of good work by a lot of people.

“It’s just been a hard uphill fight,” Sullivan said. “And this includes all of the offices of Van Buren County also. It’s been a big effort of each and every office and employee and also with the commission.”

The Comptroller’s letter stated that analysis of Van Buren’s budget for the period 2018 through the current submittal indicated positive changes supporting Van Buren’s ability to maintain a well-balanced budget. The letter also recommended that the county continue sharing the weekly financial statements with the governing body and local officials.

Sullivan said he prefers that the county continue reviewing weekly financials while remaining cautious with the budget.

“I may be just over guessing the boundary lines at this time, but just out of habit I feel like we need to continue that way,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the recently accepted budget was the first created by the new commission that came into office last year. He said that being responsible for the budget, and they commission was instrumental in straightening out the county’s finances.

“They have worked very hard,” Sullivan said. “And they’ve work to be informed really well. So that’s a sign to me that they are really dedicated to their job.”


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