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Tennessee Tech Campus Move-In Schedule Underway

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Tennessee Tech Campus Move-In Schedule Underway

Tennessee Tech campus move-in schedule is underway.

Executive Director of University Housing & Residential Life Mike Reagle said the student move-in schedule runs from Thursday through Sunday with students choosing scheduling among those days. Reagle said spacing out the move-in days allows students to have the time they need to get settled in while avoiding traffic delays and lines.

Reagle said students who choose campus living gain some advantages including socialization activities and independent living.

“It also gives them an opportunity to kind of interact with folks, but also to learn how to live with people,” Reagle said. “Living with people can be challenging for all of us. And the skills that I think students learn are lifelong skills on how to get along with other people and how to interact.”

Reagle said each student has an advisor than lives on their floor. He said the advisor is typically an undergrad that has already lived on campus for a couple of years and lives on the floor so they have the experience of having been new to campus combined with the knowledge to help new students.

Reagle said to further encourage socialization, there are many welcome week activities. He said the events can range from a single floor within a building to the entire building, and on up to a quad and campus-wide.

“We do a lot of activities designed to get them to know their peers, and to get to know the campus a little better,” Reagle said.”It makes their college experience that much better.”

Reagle said the move-in process began last week and is entirely electronic. He said students use a QR code to obtain their keys and other move-in items.

“We ask students to be aware of their move-in time,” Reagle said. “And that they have their QR code all pulled up. Just make sure they’re familiar with that process and then it all goes smoothly.”






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