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Tech Fall 2024 Application Process Open

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Tech Fall 2024 Application Process Open

Tech’s early application process for Fall 2024  puts students in the best position for smooth enrollment and scholarship offerings.

Director of Admission Frank Tittle said early applicants also receive ongoing campus communications guiding them through enrollment and inviting them to on-campus events. Tittle said those who apply early  escape the typical stress of a last minute application.

“It’s coming down to the eleventh hour and they’ll try and apply on December 12,” Tittle said. “And then it’s a hurry scurry to try and get all the other pieces that we need to get them admitted. And once they’re admitted, then they’re eligible to apply for that scholarship.”

Tittle said the Presidential Scholars Scholarship is a good incentive to get your application in as early as possible. He said it is a guaranteed pool of money for  students who get their application in prior to the scholarship deadline on December 15 on  a yearly basis. Tittle said simply applying to Tennessee Tech and get their information in prior to the deadline, they are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship award, no questions asked.

“On top of that we do try and talk to those families and send emails out and text communications to remind them to get the actual scholarship application turned in to us by that December 15 deadline as well,” Tittle said. “Because what that does is that opens them up to departmental scholarships on top of the admission scholarship.”

Tittle said the most important point in all of this is that the earlier you start the process, the easier it is to work out any unexpected kinks that arise. He said high schools are inundated by a rush of requests for transcripts as students apply to multiple universities, and even after those transcripts arrive at Tech it takes a few days to get them processed through the queue.









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