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Pickett Commission To Up Tipping Fee By $10 Starting Jan. 1

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Pickett Commission To Up Tipping Fee By $10 Starting Jan. 1

Pickett County Commission voted Monday night to increase the county’s transfer station tipping fees from $40 to $50.

A contractor charges the county $50 per ton for the tipping fee, but the county had been absorbing the $10 difference since the contractor raised its fee last year. County Executive Stephen Bilbrey said they had been using federal COVID dollars to cover that increase, and is about $9,000 in the hole at this time.

“Of course as we all know COVID money is not coming around anymore, we hope not anyway,” Bilbrey said. “So now to get us back to even with the $50 a ton, the transfer station is losing $10 a ton, so to get us back to even. It’s a proprietary fund so it’s got to pay it’s own way.”

Bilbrey said the county averages about 337 tons per day. He said this change would go into effect January 1st, 2024.

Bilbrey said he and Transfer Station Manager Marty Beaty met with the state to see if they expected another increase in the county’s tipping fee. Bilbrey said the state told him they do not expect another increase until at least June of next year.

“So if we pass this in August and we get it to Mr. Beaty here at the transfer station we can get that put up on the window and stuff where people know that and give people plenty of time,” Bilbrey said.”That’s the reason we’re bringing it to you in August instead of waiting later in the year. So if it passes, that way people know what’s coming up in January.”

The increase in fee passed unanimously. Beaty also wanted to clarify the county’s policy on who is allowed to drop off at the transfer station. He said with other counties increasing their rates as well, he wanted to make sure what Pickett County’s rules are for those who come from outside the county limits.


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