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Upper Cumberland AG Fall Lawn Conference

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Upper Cumberland AG Fall Lawn Conference


Logan Langlois 8/28

The Upper Cumberland Extension Team is hosting a Fall Lawncare Series starting Tuesday night over Zoom and continuing online through four separate meetings.

UT Extension Agent Jason Garrett said that the conference will provide advice on how to care for your lawn in the fall. Garrett said that the series is freely available to the public, all citizens need to participate is the Zoom link and an internet connection.

“You know, a lot of people’s bought houses, you know in these county’s around us, and these contractors have sewed the yard in the summer which is the incorrect time, they probably have nothing but weeds out there,” Garrett said. “Lawns is one of the biggest questions I get here and, actually I used to be a landscaper so I go around teachin’ a lot of this believe it or not.”

Garrett said citizens interested in attending the webinar can get a Zoom link from their local ag county agent. Each date throughout the webinar will be covering additional steps in lawn care as outside conditions change with the season.

He said that along with general lawn care, the webinars will instruct how to properly carry out the pre-work required in lawn care. Garrett said that includes work in prepping for winter that most people wouldn’t largely expect, Garrett said.

“Believe it or not the Fall is the time that you want to over-seed your lawn and let it build up all winter for next year,” Garrett said. “University of Tennessee recommends a seeding date of August the 20th to about October the 1st as the best time to establish a cool season lawn.”

Meetings will also be hosted by fellow expert UT Turf Grass Specialist Dr. Becky Bowen, Garrett said. Dates include September 12 for Tree Selection and Planting, September 26 for Winterizing Your Lawn, and October 10 for winterizing Lawn Equipment.


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