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Trucks Continue To Use Left Lane Going Up Monterey Mountain On I-40

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Trucks Continue To Use Left Lane Going Up Monterey Mountain On I-40

Despite increased signage, tractor trailer trucks continue to drive in the left lane of Interstate 40 going from Cookeville to Monterey.

Putnam County officials asked the state to strengthen the rules in recent years after wrecks bottlenecked the roadway, many of them caused by slow moving trucks. However, in three separate trips up I-40 in the last week, trucks have been spotted driving long stretches in the left lane. In two of those cases, the trucks could not maintain 55mph up the steep grade.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol refused to answer questions about the patrol of the 3.5 mile stretch and enforcement of the rules that include signage as well as paintings on the road surface.

“As our troopers perform their duties and conduct a traffic stop, it can increase the risk of additional traffic delays,” The Highway Patrol said in a statement. “In some cases, a traffic stop of a CMV (commercial motor vehicles) for a left-lane violation going up Monterey Mountain can cause more congestion. For the safety of all motorists and to promote the steady, safe flow of traffic, we first must place our enforcement attention on hazardous violations.”

The statement went on to suggest residents contact the Tennessee Department of Transportation about addition signage or lane construction.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol takes the matter of traffic enforcement extremely seriously,” the statement said. “That includes the enforcement of (CMV). We understand that slower-moving traffic can cause traffic backups. Our troopers perform their duties with the fullest attention placed on reducing traffic crashes and preventing traffic-related fatalities.”

A 2018 study of Upper Cumberland residents found the need for a third lane along I-40 scaling the mountain as the top transportation priority for the region.


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