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Vol State Launches New Adventure Course To Engage Residents

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Vol State Launches New Adventure Course To Engage Residents

Vol State has opened a new Adventure Course to everyone above the age of eighteen in Upper Cumberland.

Vice President of Economic Development in Regional Centers Nick Bishop said that the course gives Vol State the chance to promote a better lifestyle. Bishop said the course currently offers kayaking and mountain biking guided by certified instructors, as well as providing necessary equipment.

“We all probably have more opportunity to be healthier, as individuals and as a community, and so, what a great way to get some exercise,” Bishop said. “And get more engaged and get more active, then getting out there and kayaking, and mountain biking, and hiking, and things of that nature.”

Bishop said that the adventure course is Vol State trying to return to some of its roots celebrated throughout the community. That means the inclusion of ‘Personal Enrichment Courses’, which held classes around arts and outdoorsman ship rather than academics, Bishop said.

The intent behind building the Adventure Course is to promote the Vol State campuses often overlooked in Upper Cumberland, Bishop said. The idea of the course was largely that of Vol State instructor and avid outdoorsman Dr. Mark Green, Bishop said.

“The way we hope to deliver this series is we do it in different phases, different sessions,” Bishop said. “For now those are the activities we have planned. We’ll start with kayaking and mountain biking in the fall, and then we move into the spring, April, May of 2024, look at expanding to some of those other activities.”

Additional courses Vol State hopes to offer upon Fall success include backpacking, hiking, outdoor culinary, and spelunking, Bishop said. He said the idea for spelunking came from the many hidden gems in Upper Cumberland regarding the ideal caves available.


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