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Sparta Surveys For Improved Public Sidewalks On North Spring Street

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Sparta Surveys For Improved Public Sidewalks On North Spring Street

A growing population has Sparta surveying to build new sidewalks on North Spring Street, around centers of high foot traffic.

Sparta Tennessee City Administrator Tonya Tindle said that the surveys have been going on for about two weeks now. She said the surveys consist of markings showing the different attributes of each sidewalk.

“I think it will be great,” Tindle said. “We’re planning a park up in that area and we just want good, safe sidewalks for the citizens and students to be able to get from point A to point B.”

Tindle said that the surveying took place after giving an awareness letter to businesses who may be inconvenienced. After the surveys, she said plans have to be submitted to the state she said construction is probably about 18 months away.

“A lot of that’s gonna be dependent upon the weather,” Tindle said. “Dependent on what time of the year they actually get started in construction because you know there are certain circumstances you cannot pour concrete.”

Tindle said the high foot traffic is increased by the numerous businesses and a school being located near each other. She said that upon the sidewalk’s completion, she hopes they will provide both better safety and mobility to all who live in Sparta.

“There are some hills on that road, and so we have several people in town that ride the scooters, the little wheelchairs,” Tindle said. “It would probably be impossible for them to go maybe more than one block on that road before they would have to take side roads because their little scooter would be right on that main, busy road.”

Tindle said that the sidewalk would also provide safer traffic for all the destinations within walking distance of each other. She said that she’s especially looking forward to students attending the nearby high school using the road as a safe alternative for walking.


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