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Local Allergist Agrees With FDA Report On Leading Decongestant

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Local Allergist Agrees With FDA Report On Leading Decongestant

A new FDA report shows a leading decongestant used by millions of Americans is not as effective as advertised.

Local Allergist Dr. Erin Rohman said an ingredient change over the last several years is the reason.

“Providers have long known that phenylephrine is not the best choice for an oral decongestant,” Rohman said. “I think we’ve known it’s less effective as something like pseudoephedrine. But, if you’re aware, pseudoephedrine is monitored because it can be used to make illegal drugs.”

Rohman said the pills are not totally ineffective against allergies, however, they are not ideal for congestion. Rohman said that phenylephrine can be the best choice for some whose bodies cannot handle options using heavier ingredients.

“It’s been the best choice for some patients in that it doesn’t increase heart rate and blood pressure as much as some of the other oral decongestants,” Rohman said. “But it’s definitely low on the list as far as efficacy.”

Rohman said that she feels the topic could become confusing, as though phenylephrine isn’t as effective, it may be the only choice for some. She said that there are also many cases in which citizens may not be able to solve their congestion with over-the-counter meds.

“For a patient with severe nasal congestion, I think they need to be evaluated by a health care provider,” Rohman said. “Because there are a lot of over-the-counter medications that can be misused, and can hurt the patient.”

Rohman said that an easy remedy she recommends for those suffering from allergies is saline spray. She said she also recommends citizens who can receive an allergy shot for relief and visit a doctor if there is any indication of a fever.

Rohman is a Board-Certified Allergist with the Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center.


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