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Concerns About Yard Sellers At Monterey Farmers Market Grow

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Concerns About Yard Sellers At Monterey Farmers Market Grow

Concerns being raised at the Monterey Farmers Market about the number of yard sellers using the space.

Monterey Alderman Bill Wiggins said that concerns raised include a potential negative impact on farmer sales and space cleanliness. He said it may be time to terminate yard sales at the market.

“It’s just a matter of opening it up and promoting it as a farmers market, we just have to do that,” Wiggins said. “Because there’re plenty of growers here and they have found it more lucrative and more advantageous to set up in other markets.”

Wiggins said that many growers, specifically those with disabilities, have had a hard time showcasing their produce around yard sellers. Wiggins said that there have also been instances of yard sellers leaving a mess upon leaving the market and overstuffing trash cans. He said that when selling produce, having a clean and orderly space is extremely important to growers.

“We have a humongous sign there advertising this farmer’s market and we just want to maximize the opportunity they have,” Wiggins said. “Not just for the town’s benefit but for the grower’s benefit too.”

Wiggins said that the market was built using grant funds that stipulated the space be maintained as a farmer’s market. He said that the market has opened its space for up to 11 vendors at a time in exchange for a minimum fee.

“This will all be steaked out before a committee before we go back to the board with a recommendation, I’m sure there will be varying viewpoints on that,” Wiggins said. “And we’ll just have to weigh the pros and the cons and make the best decision.”

Wiggins said that there have also been occasions when yard sellers attempt to move into growers’ assigned space during bad weather. He said that he hopes to rally the Buildings and Grounds committee during their next meeting, of which he is not a member.


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