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Monterey High School Getting Archery Team, Seeking Sponsors

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Monterey High School Getting Archery Team, Seeking Sponsors

Monterey High School is getting an Archery Team, but its going to need sponsors to get funding.

Head coach Rachel Goodwin said she plans on reaching out to potential sponsors in the coming weeks. She said she hopes to have the equipment ready after fall break and be prepared to compete by December.

“I would really love if anybody wants to sponsor and help get us started,” Goodwin said. “I have to come up with quite a bit of money upfront before we can get going. Even if I can get a partial equipment order, I’m going to get these kids started and give them somewhere they can go in the afternoons and do something that is very structured and very safe. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The Putnam County Board of Education approved Monterey’s archery team last week. Starting an archery team in Monterey was first discussed last year. Goodwin had to be certified in order to coach with weapons. Over the summer, she took the 8-hour course so she could coach the team.

“Monterey is a small community, and we very much try to make sure that we have enough funding that none of the kids are excluded,” Goodwin said. “I want to make sure I have enough that everyone can do it without having to worry about paying fees, so it will all come from donations and sponsorships.”

Goodwin said there is plenty of interest in starting an archery team from the students.

“I expect a lot of interest,” Goodwin said. “Especially boys who already hunt and do archery and those thing. I also expect a lot of girls, because they will want to try something new, and its going to be a really good thing for them when they do.”

Goodwin said she wanted to get certified to coach archery so she could help give kids something to do at the school outside of more traditional athletics.

“We wanted to have something for those kids we don’t really reach,” Goodwin said. “The outdoorsy kids don’t have a lot to do at the school. We do have a fishing team that’s been going for a few years, and we thought that archery would be a good addition.”

If you are interested in donating or sponsoring the Monterey archery team, reach out to Goodwin at the High School.


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