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Scouts Set To Paint Inside Of Monterey Amphitheater For Project

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Scouts Set To Paint Inside Of Monterey Amphitheater For Project

Eagle Scouts will paint the inside of the Monterey Amphitheater as a public service project beginning this weekend.

Troop 20 is a small group based out of Cookeville, consisting of both long-participating and newly introduced scouts. Life Scout Nickolas Buckner said he heard about the project while looking to volunteer for another park and immediately accepted the opportunity.

“Monterey is pretty close to me as a person,” Buckner said. “I was born in Monterey, I wasn’t there for very long but my grandparents lived there, and my other grandparents lived there. And it’s such a nice little town where people help each other and I really wanted to give to that community in some way.”

Buckner said that power washing will begin Friday with the painting itself set to take place Saturday and Sunday. Buckner said that he and his troop would also be picking up the trash around the park while painting the amphitheater.

“It shouldn’t be too hard,” Buckner said. “Power washing is kind of fun so I got a lot of people volunteering to want to come out, power washing is kind of satisfying, and so it shouldn’t take too long.”

Buckner said that the group enjoys doing acts of public service and trying to help their community as much as they can. Buckner said that the paint job is looking to be a simple one, meant to simply refresh the amphitheater and cover existing graffiti.

“The last time it was painted was when it was first made,” Buckner said. “I’m not entirely sure when that was, but when the new amphitheater was first built which is several years ago now that the last time when it was painted so they wanted me to go over and re-do it.”

The city provided paint and supplies for the work.


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