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Wednesday Event To Focus On How To Assist Kids With School Shootings

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Wednesday Event To Focus On How To Assist Kids With School Shootings

How do you talk to your kids about school shootings? An event being hosted Wednesday by The Upper Cumberland Commission of Children and Youth will try to answer just that.

Regional Coordinator Kristi Paling said that the event will include advice on how to cope with trauma. Paling said that the event is especially needed given the relevancy of school shootings in the past year. Paling said that she hopes as events such as this work towards making communities stronger, they will then make individuals stronger.

“A bigger picture is to promote resiliency in our community when we face these traumatic events and how the community can come together,” Paling said. “And really to have these conversations before any traumatic event, or just how to talk to kids in general.”

Paling said the event will be going over some of the facts involved with school shootings, including statistics referring to their frequency. She said the event will also be covering the history of school shootings, which has origins dating back as far as the 1800s. Paling said the event is for both kids and adults to ask questions regarding the uncomfortable subject matter, as well as share concerns.

“I think it’s an opportunity for adults to express their fears around this subject with school shooting because it’s, it is very fearful, especially for parents and grandparents,” Paling said. “And just everyone, that ‘could this happen at my school?’”

Paling said instruction will include expertise from Dr. Kristin L. Dean, who specializes in Behavioral Medicine, Profession Education, and Trauma. Paling said Dean will provide instruction regarding how to approach the shooting-related subject matter with children. Dean will also be providing a professional perspective as to what the best coping practices are for children following traumatic events, Paling said.

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