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Van Buren Election Seeking Polling Locations; Asked To Move By School

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren Election Seeking Polling Locations; Asked To Move By School

Van Buren School System is requesting the county’s Election Commission to move their District 1 and 5 polling locations.

Polling is currently conducted inside the Van Buren High Auxiliary gym across the street from the school after school hours. Election Committee Chairman Kurt Powers said he asked Director of Schools Jared Copeland for help finding another location. Powers said that finding another location has been a challenge given all the requirements that must be met.

“You have to find a facility that’s large enough, it has to have power, it has to have heat, it has to have certain things that are required and a place to house the equipment if need be,” Powers said. “And we haven’t found anything suitable.”

Powers said they found one possible location in the county commission room for one precinct after moving out existing furniture. Powers said the room was suggested after a meeting with Mayor David Sullivan and Copeland, though a second location would still be required.

“If we make this move, it’s going to cost a considerable amount to send out new mailings to tell everyone where the new locations will be,” Powers said. “There’s going to be some expenses to do this but right now, as I said, we just don’t have a practical location that would be better than what we have at this time.”

Powers said as someone who served as a teacher with Van Buren for 30 years, he isn’t sure how the polling interferes with school activities.

“The only thing that they said was that they use the gym,” Powers said. “And I don’t know whether they have regular classes there or if they’re just using it maybe for overflow or something, or if it’s a occasional thing.”

Powers said that the Election Commission has used the Auxiliary gym since the old administrative building burned down in _. Powers said he’s expected to meet with more school board members to discuss the issue further.


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